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About us

Do you want to get that beautiful tattoo you have in mind, or are you planning to have your lips or eyebrows tattooed permanently?

With the anesthetic cream from Sk!nnumb you will experience no pain and in no way be a bad experience. Tattoo parlors and beauty parlors are familiar with these creams and will only applaud the use of this numbing cream.

After all, they use needles and you bounce every time the needle hits your skin, which doesn't do you any good. The less you feel, the better their work will be and the end result will be the best.

But these numbing creams are also very suitable for piercings, wax hair removal, laser hair removal, microblading, laser tattoo removal or lip fillers.

At SKINNUMB you will find a fantastic range of products such as anesthetics, disinfectants, disinfectants, aftercare, gloves, and much more. Everything you need as a tattoo & Beauty enthusiast can be found at SKINNUMB. You don't have to look anywhere else!


This TKTX cream is for external use only. Avoid cream in eyes and mouth. It is the perfect numbing ointment after getting a tattoo or, for example, laser hair removal treatment. Apply numbing cream to the treated area, it also provides temporary relief after cosmetic procedures and other minor cosmetic procedures. Thoroughly rub in a thick amount for optimal results and anesthetic effect. It is best to also use foil, this prevents the cream from drying out. Incidentally, the cream is also suitable after laser tattoo removal.

What is TKTX cream?

If you have a tattoo, permanent make-up or filler, it is wise to apply an anesthetic cream in advance. This cream is also called TKTX cream. This numbing cream helps to reduce the pain during tattooing or other treatments on the skin. It is available in different packages, from small tubes to large tubes. In addition, you can choose from different colors and the strength of anesthesia. In our shop you can find all types of TKTX cream. Order easily online via! Do you want to know what the strongest TKTX numbing cream is?

What can you use TKTX cream for?

TKTX cream can be used for tattooing, permanent make-up, cosmetic tattooing, minor surgery, filler treatments, micro needle pain and micro needling. Numbing cream is also suitable for other skin treatments such as laser treatments and waxing. It significantly reduces pain during these treatments. Numbing cream is available in different strengths depending on how painful the treatment you are going to have. People who know allergies should be careful with the use. A heavy layer of tktx cream is ideal as a local anesthetic. Even people have not felt anything with a body piercing or cosmetic tattoos.

How do you use numbing cream?

Numbing cream can be applied directly to the skin. Apply and massage in a thick layer, cover the cream with plastic wrap until fully absorbed. It is important that you do not apply numbing cream too thin, as this will reduce its effect. Leave the cream on for at least 60 minutes before starting the treatment. You can also use a hot towel after application. However, plastic wrap helps best. As the procedure progresses, it numbs the skin well due to the numb ingredient.

Can everyone use TKTX cream?

No, there are a number of contraindications where it is not wise to use anesthetic cream. Such as, for example, if you are allergic to anesthesia or if you have skin eczema or psoriasis. Always read the package leaflet carefully before you start using anesthetic cream.