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How long is the delivery of your products?
Because our products come from the Netherlands, we have a fast delivery in NL.

Netherlands = 1 - 3 working days.
Europe = 3 - 14 business days.
International = 5 - 21 business days.

Where can I find promotions or the latest news about Sk!nnumb.nl?
It is best to follow us on instagram @skinnumb.nl. Here you will find all promotions, but also often messages about new products. Of course you can also regularly check our website. Make sure you stay up-to-date and don't miss any promotions!


What does pre-order mean?
As our company has grown in popularity in recent months, it sometimes happens that products are sold out within a few days. With promotions we are often even sold out within a day. We are also very grateful to our loyal customers for this! As a result, there are sometimes products on Pre-order, because we are waiting for a new delivery. So you can place the order, but the order will only be shipped as soon as products are back in stock. There are customers who need the product right away and search further and run the risk of purchasing something that doesn't work (wasted money). But most of our customers know the quality of our products and know what we deliver. They place a Pre-order and wait until the product is in stock, because quality is our priority! Of course you do not want to find out during your tattoo or treatment that the anesthetic is not working.


I have placed a pre-order, how long do I have to wait?
It can take between 1 - 10 working days for the stock to be replenished, after which we will ship your order immediately.


How do I use TKTX ointments?
TKTX and our other anesthetic creams can be used in the same way. Find out more about this at Instructions for use

Can I keep the cream?
That can be unopened for 2 years. Once the tube has been opened, it is recommended to use it up as soon as possible. On contact with oxygen, the effect may decrease over time (Polymerization of adrenochrome).


What color TKTX do I need?
Find the advice on our page TKTX


My skin turns red am I allergic?
If you suffer from red skin , this does not immediately mean that you have an allergic reaction. This may mean you have applied it correctly and the anesthetic is working. If you have red skin or slightly irritated skin, you can still undergo your procedure, this has no effect on your treatment or the healing of your tattoo. Find more about allergies in our Instructions for use


Where can the cream be applied?
It should only be used on normal, intact skin before certain procedures, such as tattoos, cosmetic tattoos, laser, medical and needle related procedures.


What color is your TKTX cream?

We are a certified stockist of TKTX! Our ointments contain the original pink cream read more...


How can I contact Sk!nnumb.nl?
You can contact us via chat or by e-mail, we will respond directly to your message.


How long does it take for it to take effect?
The ointments tend to set in after about 25 minutes. Read the label as each cream has different activation times. For example, if you use the Deep Numbs, the exposure time is about 60 minutes, depending on the skin type.